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DAV Van Rides to VA-Tuesdays Only

All of Traill County

PICK UP LOCATION Hillsboro Cenex

Tuesdays at 9:40AM

You must call in advance to reserve your spot.

Rides on Tuesdays to VA

701-430-7059 is the Contact number for Traill County. Messages can be left at any time. Rides must be scheduled and confirmed in order to ride. The Van will stop only if there is a scheduled rider on that day.

Free to Veterans

Schedule your future exam on a Tuesday at VA and get a free ride there and back

ETA to the VA is approx 10:30AM

Serves Entire County of Traill

What to do:

To schedule a seat, please call the VSO in traill county 7 days before you need a ride. Veterans who need assistance are able to bring an assistant, but there is not a wheelchair lift on the van. You must be ambulatory to ride. Seating is first come basis.

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